Spread 4.0.0 C API

libspread - Spread Group Communication Client Library

The Spread libspread library implements the client SP interface to the Spread group communication or multicast message bus system.

Header Files

sp.h is the main header and includes necessary defines and types. It also includes the other header files sp_events.h and sp_func.h.
sp_events.h declares the types and functions that make up the E Event-management library.
sp_func.h declares the functions of the SP interface. Since sp.h includes this you should not include this directly.

Versions & Thread Safety

libspread is the default client library. It is thread safe and exposes the Spread Classic API as well as the Spread Flush API.
libspread-core exposes solely the Spread Classic API and is not thread safe. This version is provides for those who are writing single-threaded applications and do not want to pay the minimal performance penalty for locking.
libtspread-core exposes solely the Spread Classic API and is thread safe.

Error Handling

The library will not output any debugging information except in fatal errors. The SP_error function can be used to print an informative error message when SP functions return an error code.