Spread 4.0.0 C API

int SP_disconnect (mailbox mbox);

  mbox Spread connection handle to disconnect

Return Values
  0 Success
  ILLEGAL_SESSION Session mbox given is not a valid connection


SP_disconnect should be called when the application is finished with a connection to the Spread daemon. The application may have other connections still open to the daemon and may open a new connection after disconnecting.

If any SP_ function returns a CONNECTION_CLOSED or NET_ERRROR_ON_SESSION error on any call, then the mailbox cannot be used anymore until it is disconnected with a call to this function and then reconnected by calling SP_connect(). Any other SP_ calls will only immediately return the same error value.

The mbox should be for the connection you wish to disconnect from.

  Header: Include sp.h
Library: Use libspread
Version: 4.0

Also See
  spread programmer's reference, SP_connect