Spread 4.0.0 C API

int SP_leave (mailbox mbox, const char *group);

  mbox connection handle to perform group leave on
  group represents the name of the group to leave.

Return Values
  0 Success
  ILLEGAL_GROUP The group given to leave was illegal for some reason. Usually because it was of length 0 or length > MAX_GROUP_NAME
  ILLEGAL_SESSION The session specified by mbox is illegal. Usually because it is not active.
  CONNECTION_CLOSED During communication errors occurred and the leave could not be initiated.

  SP_leave leaves a group with the name passed as the string group. If the group does not exist among the Spread daemons this operation is ignored, otherwise the Leave leaves the existing group.

  Header: Include sp.h
Library: Use libspread
Version: 4.0

Also See
  spread programmer's reference, SP_join