Spread 4.0.0 C API

  spflooder - Spread Performance Test Client

  spflooder [-u connection_name] [-s spread_address] [-m num_messages] [-b bytes_per_message] [-ro] [-wo]

  -u connection_name Turn on or off logging. Default is off.
  -s spread address Force this daemon to be identified by a specific process name.
  -m num messages Use an alternate configuration file config-file instead of ./spread.conf.
  -b num bytes The size of each message to send in bytes.
  -ro This flooder process will only receive messages sent by other flooders. It will not send any messages.
  -wo This flooder process will only send messages to other flooders. It will not receive any messages.


spflooder is a Spread client program that can flood messages and measure the time required to send a certain number of messages. This can be used to test the performance of Spread and the machines it runs on. By default it trys to connect to a Spread daemon running on port 4803 of the local machine.

Some limitations on message size and number of groups are hardcoded into spflooder. Some changes to the code may be necessary to get maximum performance in large Spread configurations.

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