Spread 4.0.0 C API


spuser - Spread Group Communication Client

sptuser - Spread Group Communication Client using threaded library

  spuser [-u connection_name] [-s spread_address] [-n username] [-p password] [-r]

  -u connection_name The name this connection to the daemon will use to uniquely identify itself.
  -s spread address The port number, or port number and host to which the spuser program should connect in order to reach a Spread daemon.
  -n username The user name that one would like to authenticate with if password based authentication is enabled.
  -p password The password to be used for authentication.
Use a random connection name.


spuser is a Spread client program that can send and receive messages and join and leave groups. By default it trys to connect to a Spread daemon running on port 4803 of the local machine.

Some limitations on message size and number of groups are hardcoded into spuser.

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