Documentation and Resources

Spread Overview
General information about Spread

The Spread Toolkit: Architecture and Performance
Technical report on the performance and scalability of Spread.

Supported Platforms and APIs
C/C++ API for Spread 3
C/C++ API for Spread 4 / 5
Java API
Python API with documentation contained within the Python download package.

Spread Releases
Lists the changes in each release of Spread.

Transitioning from Spread 3.17.x to Spread 4.0
Details of the new Spread 4.0 capabilities.


Spread Users Guide
This book is a guide to using Spread. This includes both administering Spread configurations and applications, as well as developing new applications using the C or Java interfaces to Spread.

Mailing List
Join our mailing list to discuss applications that use Spread as well as the development of Spread itself, or read the mailing list archives.
An additional archive of the spread-users mailing list can be found at the Gmame site

Research publications
Research related to Spread

Press Articles and Books
Press articles and books related to Spread