News 2003

July 21, 2003

Website Updated

The website was updated today with some new links to Spread tools and software, and some additional documentation links and information.

June 20, 2003

Spread 3.17.1 released

It can be downloaded here.

This release includes a number of bugfixes, including some that fix daemon crashes and potential security issues, and some small cleanups and stability improvements. So we highly encourage everyone to upgrade to this release.

The 3.17.1 release has no new features, api changes or other dramatic changes. The potential security issue is a buffer overflow in the C language CLIENT library that could be exploited by a malicious daemon or man-in-the-middle attack to execute code with the privileges of the user running the client. This bug was uncovered by a DARPA funded Red Team from SRI who were evaluating Spread and Secure Spread.