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Spread 4.1 Released

Spread 4.1 is now available for download.

The Spread 4.1 release is a new release for the Spread project. This release includes several requested new features that:

  • Make location of unix domain socket configurable at compile time.
  • Add version numbers to the Spread library.
  • Add runtime configuration option in spread.conf for the maximum number of messages Spread should buffer for each client before disconnecting them.
  • Add high-precision timestamps to log file events. To activate enable EventPreciseTimeStamp flag in spread.conf.

It also includes the usual collection of bug fixes. A list of major bug fixes can be found in Spread Releases. Details of the new capabilities can be found in the Readme.txt document included in the distribution.

This release does not have any visible API changes, so not applications should require code changes to support this release. Applications linked with the 4.0 libspread libraries should continue to work. However, we recommend relinking against the new library as it fixes some known bugs.

We believe this release is stable and provides a solid platform for Spread applications.